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Made for business, designed for people

MOTI Chat desktop and mobile clients

Digital tools for old fashioned work

As more of us work through a screen there’s a need for better tools. MOTI Chat takes many of the best ideas from popular chat apps to craft a business-grade all-in-one messaging and video app.

Our built-in payments, scheduling, video and messaging features allow you to do away with multiple apps to get the job done. This allows professionals, experts and creators to consult with their clients and easily get paid for their time.

Talk to experts in various fields

It’s ideal for lawyers, teachers, tutors, and therapists, to name a few. MOTI is built to be flexible enough to work for almost anyone who provides a professional service.

MOTI App phones

Advanced chat recording

Anyone can use MOTI with friends, family, or experts to record video calls. With our Direct Recording feature your videos are saved to your phone and never stored on a server. And a unique recording consent system prevents you from being recorded without your knowledge.

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Rebuilt for the masses

A brand new version of MOTI rebuilt from the ground up is here on iOS and Android. Now you can connect to all of your customers no matter where they are. Powerful new features will make MOTI the best platform for consultants and experts.

MOTI App direct messaging screen

Encrypted messaging

Direct message one person or a group. Your chat history is always available to you.

MOTI App scheduled calls screen

Scheduled calls

Book appointments with an expert and sync to your Google Calendar to avoid conflicts.

MOTI App screen showing 8-way video chat

Multi-party calling

Host a small group session or your next big talk on MOTI. The bigger the audience, the fatter your wallet.

Coming soon

Become a pro user and earn income

Anyone can become a PRO, as long as you have a U.S. bank account. MOTI empowers individuals and businesses to charge for their time. Also, you can get verified so everyone knows you’re legit.

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It works where you work

Our desktop app for Mac and Windows is the best experience for your professional video calls, and it works with other users on mobile, of course. All your data is synchronized across devices automatically.

MOTI Chat running on macOS

Spread the word

MOTI is designed to work in 3 calling modes, so you can connect with one person or many.

MOTI App 1-on-1 video call

One on One

Private 1-on-1 calls are perfect for meeting with your therapist, a workout session with your trainer, or even a loved one.

MOTI App 8-way video chat


Designed for small group events like training sessions. Consultants, teachers, and experts can meet with up to 8 people over video. Users only pay for the time they spend with the host.

In development

MOTI App live video with comments

Live events & Talks

Give your next talk on MOTI, with viewers all paying for access. It’s also perfect for musicians and artists to perform virtual live events. A realtime chat lets viewers ask questions and give feedback.

In development

Key Features:


  • Encrypted private 1-on-1 video
  • Encrypted messaging
  • Charge by the minute
  • Direct payments
  • On-device recording
  • Pro User accounts
  • Extend calls with additional time
  • Screen sharing from desktop
  • Verified accounts
  • Powered by Stripe
  • Pay with ApplePay on iOS
  • User reviews
  • Calling options
  • Available on desktop and mobile

Coming Soon

  • Multi-party group chat & calls
  • Live events & talks
  • Cloud recording
  • Document sharing
  • Live event replays
  • Sync with popular calendars
  • Pay with GooglePay on Android
  • More messaging features
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