MOTI is a video chat app for conducting multiple types of services and transactions.

Designed for the
on-demand economy

We use video chat as the medium for conducting multiple types of services and transactions. Businesses and professionals can speak with their customers and get paid for their services without haggling or invoicing. This is consulting done right in the age of the smartphone.

Talk to experts in various fields

It’s ideal for lawyers, teachers, tutors, and therapists, to name a few. MOTI is built to be flexible enough to work for almost anyone who provides a professional service.

Record the

Anyone can use MOTI with friends, family, or experts to record video calls. It's perfect for capturing those special moments with your BFF, or when you're learning something new from an expert. Just make sure you have enough available storage on your phone.

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Request In-Call

PRO users can send a payment request during a call to cover additional fees or pay for merchandise. This allows a PRO to not charge a per-minute fee and still get paid for his or her time.

Become a pro user and earn income

Anyone can become a PRO, as long as you have a U.S. bank account. MOTI empowers individuals and businesses to charge for their time. Also, you can get verified so everyone knows you’re legit.

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Privacy is important

Your personal information, like email and phone number, is not visible to anyone on MOTI. Recordings can't be made without permission. And you will never get a call from a user that isn’t in your contact list.